Fried Eggs & Rice: A Series by Writers of Color on Food 

A collection of work written by writers of color that focuses on food and all of the cultural, emotional, and spiritual significance it has for us. Fried Eggs and Rice speaks to the soul and ancestry of our food, the profound connections and emotional impact of what we eat and how we prepare it.

A thank you to all of the writers across the nation who believe in this project and submitted their work. The release of these works are a collaborative effort, and are posted simultaneously with the release of the monthly Uninspired e-newsletter from Elisabet Velasquez.  

June 2022 
Strawberry Mud
By Shizue Seigel

This incredible and thoughtful creative non-fiction piece reminds us that there is a history connected to the food we buy, even the strawberries we put in our smoothies. Informational and moving, this piece braids the author's family history with the historical relationship many Japanese Americans have with the United States. 

Fried Eggs & Rice.png
Fried Eggs & Rice.png

May 2022 
Humming in the Kitchen: An Ode to My Father’s Cooking
By Anam Ahmed

This poignant and luscious creative non-fiction piece delves into how food can be a link to our most precious memories with loved ones who are no longer with us and connects us to culture, family (both blood and chosen), and to the very kitchens the meals were prepared in.

April 2022 
Noelia and Amparo
By Glendaliz Camacho

This short story set in La Romana, Dominican Republic details a rivalry between two very different women who utilize food to communicate with one another. Riveting and delicious, this piece reminds us all that there is power in the food we make and who we make it for.

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A Piece of home by danielle Buckingham.png

March 2022 
I Summer In Yankee
By Nia Andino

This lush prose poem set in the Caribbean describes a summer where a little girl turning eight feels out of place in the place of her roots. Andino gives us rich snapshot scenes and emotions, with themes of place and the experience of being FROM two places but lacking a sense of belonging to either.

February 2022 
A Piece of Home 
By Danielle Buckingham

This beautiful and heartfelt creative non-fiction piece reminds us that sometimes it is the most everyday meals in our families that are the most significant and that recipes, often shared in ancestral oral tradition, can be the one thing to ground us to who we, and our people, are.