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AIR Edits 

Started in 2021, AIR Edits is a service provided to writers offering structural and developmental editing on fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction pieces. Manuscript rates are also available. 

I take great pride in giving clear and thorough notes while also nurturing and celebrating the writer and their work. 

If you are interested in working with me, please email 

for rates and more information.

Some Testimonials 

Elisabet Velasquez

Author of When We Make It

"Angie doesn't help you edit your work. She helps you to transform it with the integrity of your work at the forefront. I trust Angie as an editor because she isn't just reading my work and revising it, she is helping me grow as a writer by guiding my vision towards new possibilities."

Vanessa Mártir

Founder of the

Writing Our Lives Workshops


"I noticed Angelique’s keen eye for editing years ago, but it was working with her directly in a private writing group that I witnessed just how much her editing skills have evolved. A personal essay she helped me edit over several rounds of revision went on to win a prestigious AWP award. She’s continually honing her skills by being a voracious reader and focusing on improving her knowledge of writing craft. She’s generous & committed, and anyone who works with her will be lucky for it. Word."

Glendaliz Camacho

Published Writer,

2013 Pushcart Prize nominee

2015 Write A House Finalist

"Angelique is responsive, listens carefully, and will work to understand you as a writer and what you want to achieve. She has an eagle-eye for a writer's strengths and limitations. She's clear, professional and, best of all, a professional reader that will examine your work incisively. If you've reached the point on your manuscript where you can't even tell if you're making it better or worse, seriously consider Angelique's trustworthy hands."

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