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Pen Hitting Paper 

Pen Hitting Paper has undergone numerous evolutions since its inception in the early 2000's. Today's version of Pen Hitting Paper speaks to upcoming and current projects, and, as always, celebrates creativity from its spark to its execution. 

About Me:

Angelique Imani Rodriguez is a Bronx born and bred Boricua writer, bibliophile, and editor. A graduate of the CUNY BA program with a BA in Multi-Ethnic Literature and Multi-Ethnic Women & Gender Studies, Angelique is a three time alum of the VONA (Voices of Our Nations Arts) Foundation’s workshops and a two-time alum of the Writing Our Lives workshops. Her non-fiction work has been published in the James Franco Review and in Choice Words: Writers on Abortion, edited by Annie Finch. Angelique was also the first fiction editor of the Raising Mothers online literary journal. Her flash fiction appears in the inaugural issue of Malposition Magazine

Dubbed the #BiblioBruja, she founded @theboricongobookgang in 2014, a book list which focuses on the works of writers of color. In 2018, she began developing and editing Fried Eggs and Rice: A Series by Writers of Color on Food, a multi-genre series of works that focus on food memory that appears on this website. Along with these projects, she is working on Where We're From, a collection of flash fiction depicting different stories of the residents of Ventana Court, a Bronx apartment building. Most recently, Angelique launched AIR Edits, where she offers structural/stylistic editing at affordable rates to writers of prose and poetry.

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